The Radio Church of the Andes

In northwestern Argentina and southern Bolivia, high up in the Andes Mountains lies one of the last areas in the western hemisphere where the gospel of Jesus Christ has not been effectively preached. This vast region has hundreds of villages, which have no gospel witness at all. Some of these villages lie far beyond the ends of the roads, several days arduous walk along narrow mountain trails and river beds.
Increasing complications arise due to altitudes ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level. The villages are widely disbursed, much of the population is semi-nomadic, and outsiders are viewed with great suspicion. These factors make it difficult for missionaries and church planters to be successful in the region.

The vision of the Radio Church of the Andes is to establish a short wave and FM radio station in Angastaco, Argentine from which the Good News of God’s Love could be proclaimed in every valley and village by radio. Solar powered, single channel, short wave radio receivers would be distributed through out the region. In every village where there are known believers a “Casa de Buenas Nuevas” or a “House of Good News” would be established. These groups could gather together to listen to the preaching of God’s Word, worship services from the central church in Angastaco, Bible readings, and much more.
Teams of itinerant pastors could also travel to these villages on a regular basis to encourage and build up these house churches.
As of this writing we have built the necessary buildings for both the FM and Short Wave broadcasting studios and have made application for a federal radio license for the project. Please pray that the license will be issued soon.

Pastor Ernesto Obejero, his wife Marilin founded the Church in Angastaco that will serve as the home for the radio station. They have been very active with an outreach program called the Andean Project since 2000. This ministry was recognized recently by the government for their outstanding service to the Andean Communities of the Province of Salta, Argentina.
Pastor Ernesto will be the voice of the Radio Church of the Andes and the lead pastor for all the itinerant pastors, and House Churches established through this ministry.

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