His Heart Missions is a fellowship of individuals and ministries

who are called to seek intimacy with God, and then obey Him as He reveals to us the counsel of His will and the plans of HIS HEART.
We passionately love the Lord Jesus Christ and are devoted to living lives that will bring honor and glory to His great name.

We believe that Almighty God is our loving heavenly Father

who earnestly desires to draw us into an intimate personal relationship with Him. He is the All Powerful, Creator, and Lord of the universe and yet He has invited us,
his beloved children, to participate with Him in sharing His great love and the plans of His Heart with this generation.

Psalm 33:11 is a foundational scripture for us,

and it speaks of an eternal principal from which our fellowship derives its name.


“The counsel of the LORD stands forever,
the plans of HIS HEART to all generations.”

Psalm 33:11